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Hi! I'm Daniel Davie.  I'm proud to call Whangamata home. Whanga is nestled on the picturesque Coromandel Peninsula on New Zealand's North Island. And it is here I do the bulk of my photography. 

Have managed to move half of my board co

I have had my work published in NZ Surfing Magazine, Kiwi Surf Magazine, Damaged Goods Zine, White Horses Magazine, , and I also have contributed to the worlds leading online surf site SURFLINE along with other surf sites local and international.  Outside of surfing I have had images in architecual magazines, the New Zealand Herald and of course Whangamata's local rag The Coastal News. I also feature in fellow photographer and good friend Craig 'CPL' Levers book The Southern Seas and also in Warren Hawkes' NZ SURF- The Collection I & II books. My images have also been used in advertising campaigns for Billabong, O'Neill, Rip Curl, RPM, Copious and RVCA. 

While I still have the odd shot run in magazines, I don't chase that side of my photography anymore. Photography for me now is just a hobby I really enjoy. There's a certain buzz you get from capturing a wave breaking perfectly, or sending a mate a good shot of them surfing. And the reason I have this website is I kept getting asked to show or email my shots. 

I have printed canvases that are displayed in local cafes, restaurants, surf shops and commercial offices and now just recently I have decided to do a little gallery to display my printed images,

The majority of my photography is ocean related, and that is definitely my passion.  I have in the past shot dance productions, family portraits, real estate, architecture and the odd wedding but please don't ask me to do any of these as I don't really enjoy that side of photography.....To me its like my form of meditation, standing on beaches or swimming with my camera in the waves, everything else is shut out the cluster and business of general life forgotten.  Hobbies are about doing something you enjoy. Any money I make from the odd canvas sale usually just goes back into buying more equipment or buying the odd old retro surfboard off Trade Me. Equipment wise photography can be a really expensive hobby, there's always something you want to add to your kit, (haha!)  I give away quite a few prints as presents and donate the odd canvas to worthy fundraisers. Photography for me is just something I do for enjoyment. And the ocean is always changing, there's always something new lighting and composition wise to try. I've recently been enjoying using slower shutter speeds that enhance the feeling of movement, these images almost create a painted brushstroke effect. Next month it will probably be something else.

I hope you enjoy looking at my images and thanks for taking  the time to visit my website.



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